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DeeTag provides fittings and hose assemblies for over 100 automotive and truck repair companies. We have been the go to source for machine repair operations, as well as providing helpful advice on products for custom client applications for years and are always looking for ways to provide more support for this industry. We often provide silicone hose for high heat applications, brake lines and power steering lines for those hard to find scenarios. If you have any questions, unique requirements or not sure where to get a part, DeeTag is here to help. Contact us and let one of our experts help.

Our customers that operate in the automotive industry often purchase the following products:

  • Industrial Supplies
  • Automotive Hose and Fittings
  • Tubing
  • Pneumatics
  • Industrial Hose

If you are looking for something else and not sure if we can provide a solution give us a call, or you can click here for a full list of the products we offer.

Have something unique or something that has special requirements? One of our experts would love to find a solution for you. Click here to inquire how DeeTag can help you.