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Other Industries

We have provided solutions for fluid power industries since 1982. We have been growing and adapting to various industries demands for years and it’s something we take pride in. If it has to do with hydraulics or pneumatics we will have a solution for you. As well as the construction, concrete/ aggregate, mining, industrial food supply or military industries, we service a vast amount of other industries as well. Those industries being:

Material Handling

DeeTag has the proven ability to service the needs of a vast range of material handling industries. When your equipment is down, your whole plant can be affected and that is why at DeeTag our focus is getting your equipment back up and running quickly. If the process has hydraulics or pneumatics, we at DeeTag are confident that we can provide expert advice and high quality products to solve any issue you are having. Whether we are providing hydraulics fittings, hydraulic hose, pneumatic fittings or anything in between, you can be assured DeeTag only uses top quality products to ensure your machines are operating safely and efficiently. Through top quality service, using top quality products, let DeeTag show you how we can meet and exceed the needs of your company.

Our customers operating in the material handling industry have often purchased the following types of products from us: Hydraulic hose, Hydraulic fittings, Hydraulic accessories, Pneumatics, Air brake products, Industrial supplies (rags, Teflon tape, cleaner), Industrial hose and ducting (air hose, pressure wash) Brass, Stainless, Process controls, Waterblast, Oil and coolant.

If you do not see what you are looking for listed please click here for a full product listing.


The recreation field has been serviced by DeeTag for years. Whether we are helping the maintenance crew by fixing a hydraulic hose, providing a pneumatic fitting or giving expert advice, we have been creating relationships with many businesses in the recreational industry for over 25 years. Along with machine repair operations in the recreational industry sector, we also provide hose assemblies for almost any application. Whether it is oil, water, chemical or something else, DeeTag prides itself in being the go-to source for recreational hose needs. Along with those hoses we have a wide range of fittings, valves and everything in between for new or older recreational facilities.

Our customers in the recreation industry often purchase industrial supplies, automotive fittings, tubing, pneumatics and various industrial hose. Click here for a full product listing.


DeeTag originated in London Ontario, also known as "The Forest City", so of course we cater to the needs of the forestry industry. We are able to provide specialty hose for twisting and temperatures required in the harsh conditions your equipment operates in. Having top quality products on your machines will keep them operational for longer periods of time and the speediness of the DeeTag service will limit the downtime of your machines. Let us show you how we can make a difference for your company!

Our customers in the forestry industry have often purchased hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic accessories, pneumatics, air brake products, industrial supplies (rags, Teflon tape, cleaner), industrial hose and ducting (air hose, pressure wash), oil and coolant, but if you’re looking for something else, please click here for a full list of product offerings.

Plastic Injection / Molding

In this industry it’s not uncommon for the mold requirements to be unique and specialized to the application. That’s why DeeTag is the best place to go for all of your hose, fittings and pneumatic equipment needs. We have over 20 years experience supplying top quality parts and expert advice to companies that operate in the plastic injection/ Molding industry and are confident we can help improve your process. Let one of our experts show you how!

For a full list of products that are often purchased by our Plastic Injection/ Molding customers, click here.


Along with all of the industries listed, we of course have the ability to cater to a vast amount of other industries. If you can't find your industry, that doesn't mean DeeTag can't help. In fact we challenge you to give us a try. Our expert staff prides ourselves in finding solutions for all the unique and specialized hydraulic and pneumatic situations and would love the opportunity to show you how we can help.

For a full list of the products DeeTag has available please click here.

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