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DeeTag LTD - Fluid Power Sales and Service

DeeTag is a leading manufacturer in fluid power and fluid power connectors. We have been fulfilling our clients' needs since 1982. Our expert warehouse staff and product specialists are eager to provide you with the solutions your business needs.

DeeTag Overview

  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Certification
  • ISO 14001 Environmentally Compliant
  • Integrated Supply Chain specialist
  • Alfagomma Authorized Assembly Centres
  • Manufacturer of custom hydraulic hose assemblies for the Canadian MRO and OEM Equipment Manufacturers
  • Goodyear Star UL Certified
  • NAHAD Hose Assembly process Guidelines
  • Gov't Controlled Goods Certification
  • LEAN Manufacturing Process implementation

Mission Statement

At DeeTag, we strive to add sustainable profit to our customers by improving our product quality and fulfillment on an ongoing basis. Simultaneously, we want to attract talented individuals who will thrive within our company and industry. Our growing talent team will continue to add value for our internal customers, external customers and manufacturing partners.

Our Company

DeeTag is an international business with a North America focus. Our key marketing regions are Ontario, Canada and North Carolina, U.S.A

London (Head Office)



Our compliance to Environmental standards (ISO14000) and our Quality Certification (ISO9001) puts us ahead of the competition.

We remain focused on continuous improvement of business processes and increasing our quality control through new technology and technical training. We also remain committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.
Our key business relationship is the status of approval from Alfagomma and as such Deetag is classified as an Alfagomma Authorized Assembler. This classification allows us to draw on Alfagomma's wealth of experience in manufacturing and assembly for OEM and MRO applications.
Our direct access to the manufacturing plants eliminates the expensive supply chain models of other manufacturers where parts can touch 3 or 4 profit centers prior to getting to market. This means we can provide the best value possible for our customers.

Our Associations

  • Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD)
    • As a listed NAHAD member, DeeTag can gain further insight into the dynamic and changing needs of the industry and build better partnerships with manufacturers.
    • We can set minimum performance standards for the design, fabrication and specification of industrial, composite, hydraulic, corrugated metal and fluoropolymer hose assemblies.
    • We can set performance factors related to the proper selection of components and recommendations for the design, fabrication and specification of hose assemblies.

  • NAHAD Listed Fabricator
    Allows us to implement the proper methods and techniques for hose fabrication

  • Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA)
    Membership helps us follow and implement new standards for performance and procedures for testing

  • Fluid Power Distribution Association (FPDA)
    Enables us to enhance and channel performance in the area of fluid power, automation and motion technology

  • Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
    Facilitates trade association services to trade on a global basis

  • Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)
    Gives us important industry knowledge to compete both locally and globally

  • WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA)
    Our membership fits well with our domestic and internation work in supplying jet cutting and jet cleaning products and services